My Approach

My therapy orientation is humanistic and integrative, with an awareness of how childhood development often underlies a client's adult difficulties. This approach believes that the individual is responsible for him/herself and that he or she can go beyond the conscious persona to greater authenticity, meaning and purpose. The individual is seen holistically as mind, body, emotions and spirit in dynamic interdependence. The aim is to increase the client's self-awareness and enable him/her a greater range and freedom in responding to adversity, including developing inner and outer resources. As a result, the client may experience a greater ability to cope as well as more depth and richness in their life.

During the sessions we develop awareness, expression and experimentation with thoughts, emotions and body reactions within an empathic, accepting and non-intrusive relationship. The process is always geared to the client's needs as regard approach, depth and pace. My work, and my own personal journey, are inspired by my passion for exploration and discovery.