Therapy Publications of Barbara Dowds


Depression: an Introduction. Phoenix (Bicester, UK), 2021.

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The Trouble with Therapy II: Institutional Dimensions. Inside Out Spring 2008, p. 24-34.

The Chameleon Self: over-adaptation and the death of feeling. Eisteach Winter 2008, p.9-14.

The Evolution of Human Consciousness and Spirituality. Inside Out Summer 2010, p.20-29.

Later reprinted in Eisteach Spring 2012, p.19-23 and in PCI College Newsletter.

Filling in the Spaces: Finding Meaning in a Meaningless World. Inside Out Autumn 2010, p. 30-40.

Are We Mature Enough for Shame? – Learning from the Economic Crisis. Eisteach Spring 2011, p.23-26.

Why we can’t be whoever we want to be: the biological limits to change. Eisteach Summer 2012, p.13-18.

Beyond the Frustrated Self: edited extracts. PCI College Reflections Newsletter, Winter 2014.

In our Right Minds? Meaning, Values and Connection. PCI College On-line Blog, 6 May 2015.

Is Life a Bitch? The Need to Contextualise Depression and Realism. Self and Society 44 (2), 123-133, Aug 2016.

Book Reviews in Eisteach

Sue Gerhardt (2004) Why Love Matters: how affection shapes a baby’s brain. Summer 2005, p.30-31.

Oliver James (2002) They F*** You Up: how to survive family life. Autumn 2007, p.33.

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Melvin Konner (2010) The Evolution of Childhood: relationships, emotion, mind. Autumn 2011, p.28-29.

Film Review

A Dangerous Method directed by David Cronenberg. PCI College Blog, 14th March 2012.

Workshop Review

Introduction to Mentalizing and its Development. Eisteach Spring 2014, p.26.

Responses to Ethical Dilemmas in Eisteach

Spring 2007, p.26; Spring 2009, p. 31-32; Winter 2009, p.31-32.

Short Fiction

Eisteach Summer 2011, p.12-14.


During my career in molecular genetics, I published dozens of papers in refereed journals and spoke at many international conferences.